What is Travelling?

Traveling simply involves movement of persons or goods from one geographical area to another either by air, water, and road etc. These are the major form of travelling.

Because of the pandemic that has hit our world today traveling is considered risky at this point in time,  Flights can only come into a country from another country based on emergency purposes mostly medical related purpose. The situation is so worse that even  Local movement within a specific part of a country is restricted to avoid embarrassment by military personnel’s.

Government organization has passed a global warming for citizens and non-citizens to stay safe at home to avoid the spread of COVID-19 which is a global pandemic claiming life’s of many in our world today.

Travelling is essential in our world, it does a lot especially when properly planned, Travelling give rise to real life experiences that was based on abstraction.

Imagine an individual that Always want to experience life in another country especially developed countries like the US, UK, Canada etc…  Having that abstraction in mind and later fulfill his or her desires , you see that expression of inner joy and happiness in that individuals life, so travelling brings about peace of mind which ease pressures in life…


People travel for different reasons which includes :

  • Pleasure purpose
  • For tourism
  • For event purpose
  • Educational purpose
  • Medical purpose
  • Business purpose etc.

There is more to traveling inline with its benefits.


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