Travelling is an adventure indeed but it goes beyond just selecting your preferred destination. The requirement below would give you a profound insight on what is essential to travelling abroad and enjoying your travel experience.

Requirement for travelling Abroad

  1. Passport
  2. Visa 
  3. Driver’s License
  4. Insurance Information
  5. Air- ticket
  6. Hotel Information

Additional Document

  • Photo and Fees
  • Foreign Currency
  1. Passport

A passport is an official document issued by a government, certifying the holder’s identity and citizenship and entitling them to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries

A passport is required for all air travel overseas, both for entry into the foreign country and for re-entry into the one’s own country. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after the date you plan to enter a foreign country. If you need to apply for a passport for the first time or yours is about to expire, visit the Country’s website for instructions. When issued a passport after applying Make a copy of your passport to store in a different part of your luggage in the event that the original is lost or stolen.

  1. Visa

A travel visa is a conditional authorization/permit granted by a territory to a foreigner, allowing them to Come in, remain within, or to leave that territory. Visa mostly comes in different kinds One will also need a Transit Visa if you are transiting for more than 12 hours. Confirm Transit Visa regulations for the country of transit. A visa most commonly takes the form of a sticker endorsed in the applicant’s passport or other travel document.

  1. Driver’s License

A driver’s license is an official document, often plastic and permitting a specific individual to operate one or more types of motorized vehicles, such as a motorcycle, car, truck, or bus on a public road.

If you plan to hire a car or drive a vehicle while abroad, bring your driver’s license. Some countries require an international driver’s license, but other countries grant a specified driving period with proof of a driver’s license from your home country. Copies of your license is also advised in case it gets missing or stolen.

  1. Insurance Information

A valid international medical and/or travel insurance Certificate is required . Having them with you might be a good  Idea ensure you make a copies of the insurance information in a different location in your luggage in the view that your original copy is lost or stolen.

  1.  Air Ticket

 A confirmed return air ticket is required. A one-way air ticket will be accepted only for students or working professionals (Student Visa or Work Visa holders), as well as dependents of the working professionals.

  1. Hotel/Accommodation information:

A confirmed Hotel payment is also needed and often required for entry into another country. Prepaid Reservation made is essential irrespective of  the kind of visa issued .

Additional Documents

Some countries require additional documentation. For example, Russia requires trip confirmation from a hotel, tour group or Russian host to verify travel plans. Pakistan requires documentation of service time for those who have been in the military. Though not a common requirement, some countries may request an interview or additional supporting documentation after officials review a visa application.

Photo and Fees

Most countries request a current passport-type photo — a color photo of the face free of sunglasses, hats or other head coverings. They typically are 2 square inches. You must pay an application fee to the embassy of consulate where the visa application is processed. Mailed applications typically must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope or an additional fee to cover mailing costs from the consulate.

Foreign Currency

It is advice and allowed to carry the currency of the country you are visiting but restricted to carrying a lot of cash on you i.e entry into the US restricts f more than US$ 10,000.Based on country policy.

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