President of the People’s Republic of China – Wikipedia President Xi Jinping studied Chemical Engineering in China. He is very much involved in the CORONAVIRUS CRISIS. He must be held accountable for infecting millions of people with coronavirus all over the world. Up till this moment, President Xi Jinping of China has not deemed it important to institute a Panel of Inquiry to investigate the immediate and remote cause and quick spread of the novel coronavirus. A biological/ chemical disease that has threatened to send the world into extinction. The disease that has killed and is still killing thousands of people all over the world. Also, the present World Health Organisation leadership should be disbanded immediately and a new and responsible one be constituted to help investigate the immediate and remote cause of the spread of the coronavirus from WUHAN CHINA to the rest of the world. Let’s be honest with ourselves otherwise President Xi Jinping of China could make it worse for the world with another deadlier CORONAVIRUS. Meanwhile, Emperor Xi Jinping of China should resign now as the President of China.

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