This is a call to rapid response for government, developed countries are doing their best but what would happen to under developed countries at this period of lockdown due to COVID-19

Majority will die from hunger rather than the global pandemic, especially the averaged and the poor ones, the rich might be able to sustain but not for too long till adequate health facilities are out

Citizens are being advised to practice social distancing and other preventive measures to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic which a lot are adhering to combat this global pandemic.

The World Health Organization WHO has advised the public on preventive measures of COVID-19 virus which includes the operation stay at home which means lockdown/ shut down of markets, malls, businesses etc. Medical practitioner’s also gave adequate symptoms of the COVID-19 to create awareness and scientist are on research day and night to an effective vaccine to combat this virus. 

The big question is:


If no how will the people survive in this lockdown without a job and a steady income for months.  This would only give rise to insecurity, crimes, theft etc.

If a global medical measure was passed and adopted in the world a global or governmental movement for control of hunger and some other issues should be considered also. This two will work hand in hand or else orders from government will be disobeyed, COVID-19 would spread rapidly more people will get infected and die if this is not critically taken care of.  Some governmental agent/politician see the situation as an opportunity to embezzle funds neglecting the citizen whose life ought to be the major responsibility.

In some corrupt countries government officials see this pandemic as an opportunity to be corrupt and enhance corruption , then inflicting fear on the citizens this is not just corruption it is also an act of wickedness and its evil in the sight of God and man those individual/ group of persons who practice this act are considered evil.

Most top politicians see these global pandemic as an opportunity to carry out wicked acts of corruption on humanity.

Even sales prizes are being inflated with the so aim of making profit instead of concentrating on life and survival.

Government officials needs to do their best to please regulate all these happenings  and pay attention to humanity in this trying times So we all can work together in unity, Our race and existence is a priority. God bless all that shows concern to humanity especially at this point in time.


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