Please note that this list is unending because there are many different types of scholarships to study overseas also available, for the main time check this list out:

  • Subject-Specific Scholarship: There are diverse scholarships awarded to students who plan to pursue a degree in a certain field of study or major while oversea, courses such as international Languages or other professional courses. This financial aid granted to student to study overseas is based on the required subject out listed by the Scholarship provider.
  • Student Based Scholarships Scheme: This category of scholarships is awarded based on the students themselves, due to certain circumstances such as gender, race, religion, disabilities etc.  Scholarships are a vital tool for students searching for financial aid. Study abroad scholarships for students from poor background are out there, one just needs to be positive and look for them.
  • University Assistance Scheme for Study Overseas Scholarships:  Various universities provide scholarships on a merit-basis to be generally applied to any students looking to study abroad. This one interests me because it’s based on merit, Student that have worked and studied hard to further their educational pursuit. Observe the university you will be studying at while overseas many institutions throughout the world provide scholarships for international students to encourage them and boost their university goal
  • Organization-Provided Scholarships: Ensure you carry out adequate research of non-profitable organizations that may provide scholarships to qualified students who attain their criteria. Research for these organizations to stand a better chance of obtaining a scholarship.
  • Location-Specific Grants/Scholarships to Study Overseas: These scholarships or grants are created to encourage students to study in specific countries, or even certain cities, such as scholarships specifically for students looking to study in Japan. You might find these scholarships provided by your university, by the government of the country you plan to study in, or even by the government of your home country, which hopes to foster international relations through the exchange of study abroad students.
  • Government Provided Scholarships/Grants for Study Overseas:, There are a number of government-funded grants or scholarships that encourage students to study or do work Overseas. This kind of scholarship applies to un corrupt governmental Schemes to enhance adequate international relationship. Good examples of this include the Fulbright Program, or Chevening Scholarships and Fellowships, which are funded by the UK government specifically for international student leaders looking to study in the UK.

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