Why do people miss opportunities?

Ignorance is a disease anyone who throws away what tomorrow holds allows opportunity to pass them by. Life is a series, everybody wants to reach the finish line but how many would learn the fundamentals, we learn to move faster in life by waiting and learning.

Three keys why precious opportunities pass by:

  1. Lack of planing/Vision
  2. Unbelief
  3. Relying on past Success
  1. Lack of planing: Lack of planing or not being definite about your vision makes room for opportunities to pass by, at this stage in life one must learn to see far above what the eyes are limited to see, vision is a major prerequisite for success, when one lacks vision every possible area of transition becomes deam, your written vision is good but it’s not enough you must sustain the ability to birth your vision into reality using the equation I gave last week( D-I-N & M-I-H).
  2. Unbelief : This in one word simply means doubt, this produces a negative effect which yields negative results, You must believe in yourself that you can make a change learn to see things differently and be positive being optimistic with your vision, no matter your level of preparation if you lack belief it’s already an invitation to failure. So clear such thoughts out of your mind focus on what you want to achieve.
  3. Relying on the past success: One’s last success can also be a hindrance in achieving and aspiring for more in the world of success, Be grateful for what you have achieved but relying on it can make you loose greater opportunities we live in the future and not in the past, learn to embrace change and ensure continual growth.


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