What do you think the word FOCUS means..?

A profound scholar an optimist would always say FOCUS is an acronym for “Focus On-One Course Until SuccessSam Aturu. Life is not complete till Time is added to it making it a LifeTime. Jack MaIf you continue to work hard there is possibilities but if you don’t there won’t be any possibility of attaining a desired goal“. In addidition to that quote I say one who works hard must work smart, If you always press on at least there is hope, we start dying the moment we stop learning. Appreciate the knowledge you have now celebrate it, make it a big deal but never stop there contend to be outstanding in what you do. Always note Wisdom is the principal thing in all your getting get understanding, see Proverb 4:7. The time is now its never too late until one is late(dead).




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