Be mindful of your ideas, give serious attention to them don’t throw them away because you are not ready for them now cause therein lies your tomorrow . Be positive, be a possibility thinker and an optimist . Yes your past experience can be ugly you are allowed to look at your past but don’t get stocked there and forget tomorrow.


  1. Doubt and procrastinating of ideas or vision: Doubting gives room for fear and division of focus which leads to failure. Embrass your ideas develop it, see yourself as a success create no room for fear or failure, take the bold step without procrastinating use this formula D-I-H today.
  2. When problems/challanges comes to us: You must learn to see obstacles as part of life and a need to provide a solution it is good you look at your past mistakes but understand why you failed and never be stocked in your past problems because in problems there lies solution.
  3. When we get our priorities all mixed up: When you have too many things to do at the same time you tend to loose focus please read quotes on focus to get more insight.
  4. When we get overwhelmed: As good as it seems it can also hinder one from relenting or growing, celebrate where you are now don’t stop there, knowing fully well that the best is yet to come.
  5. Fulfilment of present success : To be successful is one thing, maintaining success is another thing. It is better not to have succeeded than to succeed and later fail.. There is no limit to which you can be successful.
  6. Fatigue: Weariness is also another killer tool of tomorrow’s opportunity, maintain a good diet, don’t over work yourself out, work smart and exercise you body and mind through recreation, tours etc
  7. Disappointment: This is a break point for many and has destroyed many visions, even sent alot to the grave cutting their life short. Beloved provided there is life there is hope continue in your good works learn to see disappointment as an appointment to achieving your goals. See Galatians 6:9. Job 23:10

#DontThrowAwayTomorrow. #ThinkPositive. #NeverGiveUp.

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